shRNA Libraries

We offer high-quality, shRNA libraries based on your target gene list. These RNAi libraries can serve as powerful and cost-efficient tools for performing large-scale screens for genes involved in disease pathways, cell responses to drug treatment, developmental processes, and gene regulation.

Step 1) In silico shRNA prediction

3-4 weeks

Mirimus proprietary algorithm generates a list of shRNAs which are predicted to have the power to silence the gene of interest.

Step 2) In vitro validation

8-10 weeks

Mirimus proprietary assay assesses the gene silencing potency of those predicted shRNAs, generating a report with shRNA knock-down activities.

Step 3) Plasmids

2 weeks

The best shRNAs are delivered to the client in the form of lentiviral or retroviral plasmid backbones.