At Mirimus, we take research to extraordinary heights with our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge services. As your one-stop shop for all things research model-related, we offer a seamless journey from design to implementation, providing you with unparalleled support every step of the way.

Breeding and Colony Management

We ensure a reliable and sustainable research model population, tailored to your specific needs

Genotyping and Genetic Analysis

With precision genotyping and in-depth genetic analysis, we help you unravel the secrets hidden in your models' DNA

Doxycycline Induction


Unleash the power of inducible models with our Doxycycline induction studies, opening new avenues for your research

Disease Model Generation

Dive into the realm of disease research as we develop accurate and relevant models to mimic human pathologies.

Gene Edited Model Generation

Let us engineer custom gene-edited models that precisely reflect your research objectives.

Overexpression Models

Overexpression Models

Overexpression Models

Amplify your discoveries with our overexpression models, designed to uncover novel insights.

Reporter Knockin Model Generation

Illuminate your research with targeted reporter genes, providing real-time insights into cellular processes.

RMCE Model Generation

RMCE Model Generation

RMCE Model Generation

Experience the convenience of Recombinase-Mediated Cassette Exchange, allowing efficient modification of your models.

Custom Design Research Project

Collaborate with our team of experts to create bespoke research projects that drive scientific innovation.

AAV RNAi-based Gene Therapy

Harness the power of RNA interference with our AAV-based gene therapy services, revolutionizing treatment possibilities.

Delivery Systems Evaluation

Explore diverse delivery systems and optimize your research outcomes with our specialized evaluations.

Join the ranks of pioneering researchers who trust Mirimus as their ultimate research model partner. Elevate your research to new heights with our unparalleled services and propel scientific discovery forward.